Content Management Site

What CMS based sites can do for you…

CMS – Content Management Systems allow users greater control over their web sites.  The web site is presented to visitors through the use of templates to display the content stored in a database format.

A site using CMS is controlled through editing “back door” templates.  Users don’t need to have access to publishing programs such as Microsoft FrontPage, Expression Web, or Adobe Dreamweaver. 

There is no external program (except a web browser).  Login in is directed by security settings which are granular in nature (easily assigned by where users can go to “Edit”).  Pages can have different parts assigned based upon users login.

Since CMS pages are built using Modules.  Users can be assigned to access and 1 module, and not access or edit all of the modules on the page.  This security allows the Web Admin to assign several users to access a page with edit capability and only affect one portion of the page.

Security for editing can even be set to “Review” by an Admin user prior to going “live”.  This is called “workflow”.  Workflow settings provide peace of mind with “Checks and Balances” to ensure that content is accurate before any external users can view the changes.

By delegating web update tasks a site owner can benefit from allowing users with certain expertise to make changes that are accurate.  This will save cost of ownership and costly mistakes that might tarnish the image of the company.